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A-Z Bible Memory for Kids

A-Z Bible Memory Cover Image.001.jpeg.001This past Fall/Spring we used Susan Hunt’s My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts to help Sophie memorize scripture.  The teacher in me wanted a fun way to track her progress, so I made an A-Z Sticker Chart and a quick reference sheet to hang on the fridge to remind us to practice.

Here is a copy of these sheets along with some flashcards that you can use at home:

My ABC Bible Verses PDF

About the Book: Each letter of the alphabet has a Bible Verse, a story, questions, and a short prayer.
When to start: How young is too young to memorize?? If a child is able to remember words to their favorite songs or able to sing the ABC song, they are ready to begin memorizing scripture! God has designed their amazing minds as little sponges waiting to be filled.

We have loved going through this book with our 3 year old! The verses and stories have convicted/challenged/encouraged us as well.

How to do it: You can really do it any way you want! We like to read the story and practice the verses at breakfast. Sometimes we talk about the verse of the day again at dinner.

1 Verse a week

Monday: Read the story and practice the verse several times.

Tuesday-Friday: Review the same verse every day that week along with any verses from the previous weeks.

Saturday: Review all verses and get a sticker for this week’s verse.

Sunday: Rest and prepare for worship

2 verses a week

Monday: Read letter A story, practice letter A verse

Tuesday: Read letter A story, practice letter A verse (again)

Wednesday: review all verses learned

Thursday: Read letter B story, practice letter B verse

Friday: Read letter B story, practice letter B verse

Saturday: Review all verses learned. Put a sticker on the sticker chart for this week’s verses.

Sunday: Rest and prepare for worship

Since memorizing God’s Word is sweet to our souls, we decided to celebrate with a donut treat once letters A-M were memorized. We went out to our favorite ice cream place once N-Z were memorized.

Ways to practice each verse (non readers):

1. Parent say the verse. Child listen.

2. Parent say the verse, pausing after every couple of words to allow the child to repeat.

3. Parent say the verse, let the child fill in missing words.

4. Discover the “rhythm” of the verse. Chant and Clap the verse.

5. Make up *simple* hand motions to do with the verse. Then if your child has trouble remembering the words, prompt them with the hand motion.

Ways to practice each verse (readers):

1. Write the verse on a white board.  Each time you say it, erase one word until all the words are gone.

2. Have child copy the verse or illustrate the verse or the story

Game Idea: Use the sticker chart as a game board to review. Use coins or counting bears or something as game pieces, roll a dice, move that number of spaces, review the verse that goes with the letter you landed on. If a player can’t remember, everyone playing should say it out loud together to review!



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